Our Range of Catering Services

Our range of food services cover the traditional, Mediterranian and latest Vegan trend.

B2B - Business to Business

Outsource your cooking and preparation to Losos. Talk to us to see how we can help free up your time.

B2B Professional Courses

Ever wanted your employee to improve thier pizza making skills? Finding it hard to find trained employee that are right for your business? At Losos we can help.

Something for everyone

From gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian and halal, we have special diet options to suit all needs. Nobody goes hungry on our watch.

B2B Take-Away Services

At Losos, we take the load off your shoulders by freeing up valuable time by outsourcing time-consuming, non-profitable tasks.
Outsource all your fish preparation from sourcing, to portioning, to battering and just get what you need, when you need it.
Ideal for the Fish & Chips industry

Vegetable Preparation

Free up staff time by letting them do what you need most: serving customers

Fish portioning

At Losos we can portion/cut any fish to your requirements


At Losos we pride ourselves with a batter recipe that was handed down for generations.

Short of staff one night?

At Losos, we can provide you with fully trained staff to cover no-shows

Long term staff hire

At Losos you can hire long term trained staff for all your needs

Staff Training

New hire without experience? At Losos we have facilities to train your staff as per requirements

Our Brands

Street-Food for every taste
If you are looking for a franchise opportunity, look no further.
With our expertise and experience we have developed three main lines of fast casual cuisines that appeal and meet the demands of a wide variety of patrons.

Amber Taste logo

Amber Taste

Traditional Fish & Chips offering at its finest from the experience of four generations in the business...

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veGrill logo


Our latest and fastest growning offering: Vegan Street-Food!

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Fahrenheit 451 logo

Fahrenheit 451

100% Neapolitan Pizza base recipe

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Olivia's Pick a Pasta logo

Olivia's Pick a Pasta!

At Olivia's Pick a Pasta we strive in creating honest quality pastas to make you and your loved ones happy.
True to the small batch methods our family brought from Italy four generations ago, we use only the best ingredients.

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Lemon logo


At SMAF we deal with Authentic Mediterranean Food.
We place the right importance on quality of food and beverage by transporting them directly from the manufacturer to our partners everywhere in the world.

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platter logo

Outsource your kitchen!

With our Dublin central kitchen, you can now outsource all your battering using our experience and expertise that will meet and exceed all your requirements!

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